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256186: Lou Holltz & Ken Ragan 16x20
Football > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: Rango
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); No Sign Date
Lou Holltz & Ken..

254758: Babe Ruth Autographed 3x5 Ind..
Baseball > Index Card Not For Sale
Owner: xtra-innings
Signed; Purchase; Authentic (Definitely); No Sign Date
Babe Ruth Autogr..
Babe Ruth signed 3x5 index card purchased from estate sale and framed with copy of infamous 1919 contract when he was sold to Yankees by Red Sox. Also includes 8x10 pictures of Ruth in Red Sox and Yankees uniforms with informational placards. Dimensions: 34" x 22".

257529: Larry Patey
Hockey > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: Gary Cowley
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); 2015-03-15
Larry Patey

256221: Art Linkletter Autographed Ph..
Television > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: JCull77
Inscribed & Signed; Purchase; Authentic (Definitely); 2015-01-14
Art Linkletter A..
This is one of those I actually bought from one of the reputable dealers that I know. I loved him as a kid on Kids Say The Darndest Things, and when I saw it I just had to add it to my collection.

261384: Daisy Marie - 8x10
Other-Ent > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: TheRealBigMike9
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); No Sign Date
Daisy Marie - 8x..
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