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George Maharis Autographed Note

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George Maharis (1928~)

[ Entertainment >Actor]
Inscribed & Signed
Through the Mail
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Back in December I sent Mr Maharis (Route 66, The Sword and the Sorcerer) a letter and a form response and a SASE to his private address asking if I could send him a couple of photographs to autograph. One of them had previously been signed by Martin Milner so I wanted to make sure I got it back. Instead of sending me the form response back he send me a hand written note telling me to go ahead and send it, that he would be happy to sign it for me and thanking me for the nice letter. So on February 24, 2015 I sent him the photo of he and Martin Milner another letter asking him if he still sang and what he was doing with himself these days, along with two additional photos and a SASE. Today I received all three photos back signed and inscribed and this note answering my questions. What a great guys!!! Thanks Mr. Maharis!
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