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72694: Medal of Honor
Military > PosterNot For Sale
Owner: Gary Cowley
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); 2012-04-14
Medal of Ho..
Signed at event in Gainesville, Texas

242220: Colin Powell
Military > BookNot For Sale
Owner: gummby3
Signed; Through the Mail; Authentic (Definitely); 2014-07-03
Colin Powell
Signed bookplate in book, "Sacred Honor".

220647: Army saddle Mccellan 1918 Calvery
Military > Other-TypeNot For Sale
Owner: rjalbers
Army saddle..
I purchased this 1918 Calvery Army Saddle in 1957 from Ray Holes Saddel Shop in Grangeville, Idaho. The saddle was priceed at $25.00. I was the ripe old age of 12. Since my father was haveing a new custom saddle made Ray Holes asked me how old I was and sold it to me for $12.00. I used the saddle ..

196501: Omar Bradley signed autobiography "Bradley A Soldier's Story"
Military > BookNot For Sale
Owner: filmfans
Signed; Purchase; Authentic (Definitely); No Sign Date
Omar Bradle..
Here is the signed autobiography of America's last five star General, Omar Bradley, "Bradley A Soldier's Story".

76464: Test BK Item #1
Military > BallNot For Sale
Owner: MemReg Webmaster
Test BK Ite..

75056: Medal of Honor Recipient John F. Baker, Jr. Signed Medal of Honor Society Card
Military > CardNot For Sale
Owner: disglobes
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); No Sign Date
Medal of Ho..

72239: Morrocan Cinq Franc money autographed by Jimmie Doolittle and eight other Raiders
Military > Other-TypeFor Sale
Owner: jensengf
Signed; Unknown; Unknown; No Sign Date
Morrocan Ci..
Morrocan Cinq Franc note signed by Jimmie Doolittle and eight other Raiders when they were stationed in North Africa. Found in my mother's hope chest together with picture of my grandfather who helped build the base. The note was worn out but the signatures are very clear.

66238: Captain Dale Dye
Military > PhotographNot For Sale
Owner: Yaz1983
Signed; Through the Mail; Authentic (Definitely); 2010-11-05
Captain Dal..
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