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256459: Josh Samman
Fighting > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: Gary Cowley
Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); 2015-02-21
Josh Samman
Signed at Ticketstock 2015 at Verison booth

258679: Gretchen Bleiler & Hannah Tet..
Snowboard > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: Rango
Signed; Unknown; Unknown; No Sign Date
Gretchen Bleiler..

257421: Dakota Fanning Autographed Ph..
Movie > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: JCull77
Signed; Purchase; Authentic (Definitely); 2014-12-15
Dakota Fanning A..
I think Dakota and her sister Elle are great! I bought this from a friend who included a picture of her signing.

256391: Bruce Campbell - ROMLB Baseba..
Baseball > Ball Not For Sale
Owner: TheRealBigMike9
Inscribed & Signed; In Person; Authentic (In-Person); 2015-02-14
Bruce Campbell -..
Bruce Campbell signed ROMLB Baseball with "Chuck Finley Is Forever!" and "Chuck" inscriptions. Which is reference to his alias on the television show "Burn Notice". Signed at Things From Another World in Universal CityWalk - Studio City, CA Pen Used: Bic Blue Ballpoint (Med)

258236: Frank Gifford Autographed Pho..
Football > Photograph Not For Sale
Owner: xtra-innings
Signed; In Person; Unknown; No Sign Date
Frank Gifford Au..
Frank Gifford autographed 8x10 photo
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